Tell Me Something Good

Tell Me Something Good


I once heard an expression that problems are like airplanes at an airport, they just keep coming.

Yes indeed that is true.  Unless, there’s terrible weather, maybe an accident on the runway that closes it down and all the planes have to suddenly divert.  That would stop them.


I just took a negative euphemism and made it worse.  Talk about third degree of pessimism there.


Does that really need to be more negative?


This toxic negativity has to stop.  Being negative is a choice.  It may be your habit or instinct, but it can be changed.


Be positive.

Such an elusive instruction isn’t it?

Does anyone really know how to be positive that simply?

The notion of being more positive is on the top of my list this year.  I’ve never been one to make a New Year’s resolution, but if that’s what this is then so be it.


We all have our share of tough times from the past.  While there may be more ahead, it is important to be positive and not let the bad take control.  I always listen to the Bobby Bones Show on country radio when I drive in to work.  My favorite segment of his show is ‘tell me something good.‘  (Yes, it is just like the old song.)  I found myself looking forward to hearing that every day.  Sometimes I would linger in my parked car a little too long and almost be late walking in.  It made my day to hear the cute news stories they shared.  A few feel good minutes are an excellent way to start the day.  After years of listening it occurred to me that a positive thought could be a good way to end a day too.

What is your end of the day conversation like?  Around here you could hear the exhaustion in our voices, which matched our dragging feet climbing into bed with a final whine about the hardships of the day and the dread of it all again tomorrow.  Yeah, I cringe at how we used to act at the end of the day.  It couldn’t be all that bad.  I decided to replace the whoa is me speech with a ‘tell me something good’ that happened today ritual.  My husband liked the idea so we started telling each other something good from our day before we went to bed.

There are many good things that happen each day we realized.  He got to pick up the baby at day care, I got up for work early and avoided traffic, the new recipe for dinner worked out, I had a song I actually like stuck in my head all day, he broke a personal gym record, the baby ate all his veggies, so on.  Such simple things, most of which we took for granted before.

It has only been a couple weeks and I already feel more positive.  I go about my day now wondering what good things will happen that could be featured in my tell me something good moment that night.  I look forward to sharing mine and hearing his.  We are happier.  We are more grateful.  We are better individually and together.

It isn’t any big secret.  It doesn’t involve the colossal thought of a profound philosopher.  Take a moment to think about the good.  It is there.

When you find negative thoughts in your head, imagine they are a fly buzzing around your head and shoo it away.  Tell yourself something good.  It takes seconds to do.  It will make a change in you.  I feel that now I am the type of person I would like to meet in this world.


Thank you Bobby Bones, for telling me something good.

Now, let me tell you something good, today I shared my positive inspiration with you.


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