Plane After Plane…

Plane After Plane…

Ever heard the expression that problems are like planes at an airport, they just keep coming?  Maybe at some point in life?  Maybe from my other post?  Well, it is a fitting depiction when at times we find ourselves bogged down by a problem after barely getting past the last one.  I was there last year.

When 2015 began I knew it held it challenges ahead.  Military relocation.  Selling a house.  Buying a house.  My mother’s uncertain illness.  Post divorce remnants still.  The list can go on.

Just like the airplanes, these and other problems were always coming.

Plane after plane.

They will always come.  So, where are you?  Are you lost sitting on the runway with them all coming straight for you?  Or are you the dynamo in the tower directing those million dollar machines?  The problems coming towards you are yours.  If they are coming toward you, you can handle it.  You have the knowledge, skills, tools and experience to help.  It can be done and you can do this.  Take the challenge on.

That plane will land.

The next one will too.

Each one will.

Even after scary, turbulent flights and bouncing landings they land.  Then what?  We’ve all been on a flight like that.  Applause.  The relieved and pleased passengers are happy to have landed.

Imagine that instead.  Instead of the doom and gloom of the line of lights in the sky (and more further out you can’t see coming).

Face what’s coming, own what’s happening, put out the fire, pass the test, reach that goal, avoid an argument.  The applause will come.  It may not be the loud roaring applause a rock band receives, or a quiet golf clap, it may just be your own pat on the back.  Whichever way it plays out, look at what you accomplished.

You landed that plane.  Way to go you! You did it and you can do it again!  What’s next?  Can you take on a jet?  A helicopter?  Hot air balloon?  You’ve got the basics to adapt and handle it all.  Positively.  Like the boss you are.


When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.  -Henry Ford

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